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Are More 'Twilight' Movies On The Way?

Studio boss says it's a definite possibility.
PHOTO: Twilight/Lionsgate Films

The Twilight Saga was an absolute behemoth of a franchise, raking in more than $3 billion, creating a generation of obsessive "Twi-hards," kicking off a Young Adult revolution (which, other than The Hunger Games, never really quite hit), and spawning its own spin-off fan-fiction monster, Fifty Shades of Grey—so it makes sense that Summit/Lionsgate wouldn't want to give up that cash cow without a fight.

Speaking to Screen Daily at the Zurich Film Festival, Patrick Wachsberger, the co-chairman of Lionsgate and former head of Summit, said that despite the fact all four of Stephenie Meyer's novels have been adapted, the story might have a longer life.

"It's a possibility," he said. "Not a certainty but it's a possibility. It's about Stephenie. If she wants to tell a story related to those characters, we're here for her."

Meyer also wrote the novel The Host, which was adapted into a film with Saoirse Ronan, but didn't make much impact either financially or critically.

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Summit's next best bet was the Divergent series of films, which were moderately successful but nothing in the realms of Twilight, and the film series has now been curtailed in favor of a TV show.

"Twilight was a game changer for everyone involved," said Wachsberger.

So what could people possibly hope for from the franchise? Edward and Bella are married and have a hybrid daughter, whom former love rival and werewolf Jacob has "imprinted" on—presumably the next part of the saga would focus on her.

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Can the world cope with any more pasty-faced angst? And would a Twilight movie without Edward or Bella even work (assuming K-Stew and R-Patz wouldn't be tempted back)? TBD.

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