Ariana Grande Claps Back At Trolls Who Say She's 'Milking' Mac Miller's Death

Kick them off the internet!!
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Ariana Grande has been busy working on her sure to be epic "thank u, next" music video lately, but it looks like she took a break to clap back at some Twitter trolls.

After Ari posted a sweet message about her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller on Thanksgiving, saying "you're v missed," some spiteful/inconsiderate people on the internet took the opportunity to criticize her. One responded to her tribute to Mac by tweeting, "she milkin this shit bruh" and another posted "Ariana let it go... Mourn it behind closed doors. Stop milkin' it when you wasn't even there when he was at his lowest right before it happened."

Obviously, Ariana wasn't having any of their nonsense, and she responded with, "i pray you never have to deal with anything like this ever and i’m sending you peace and love."

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But clearly, Ari was upset by these reactions to her Thanksgiving post, because she kept tweeting, saying, "some of the shit i read on here makes me sick to my stomach. it scares me the way some people think and i don’t like this world a lot of the time. if only we could be more compassionate and gentle with one another. that’d be sick."

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And she also posted, "everything i feel is valid and safe. everything i do is genuine and honest. there is no right or wrong during this period."

Ugh. It's so messed up that trolls are trying to drag Ari when she's clearly still dealing with the death of a loved one. As she said, all of her feelings are valid, and as I'm saying, these trolls should be kicked off of the internet.

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