Get A Close Look At Ariana's Engagement Ring In New Music Video

Also, you're going to want to DANCE TO THIS!
PHOTO: YouTube/Troye Sivan

It's been a month since Ariana Grande and Troye Sivan gifted us with the summer bop (and their first ever music collab) "Dance to This." And now, the music video has FINALLY arrived, so you can, you know, dance to the song using accurate choreography.

The video starts out in what looks like a very sad social club—sallow lighting, stale cookies, and an old lady knitting in the corner. The vibe is less chill than it is, say, frosty. But Troye Sivan, in a very sharp powder blue suit, is here to save the day! Having brought his track with him on a CD (OMG, remember mixtapes?!), he asks the club's "DJ" to queue it up. On the boombox. (OMG, remember boomboxes?!)

He starts to sing quietly, and, well, the audience is underwhelmed at first.

I mean, the DJ is asleep!

Clearly, this crowd doesn't know a banger when they hear one! Ariana Grande, on the other hand, does—let's not question why she (or Troye) are at this tragic venue in the first place, and focus on what they're doing to turn the vibe around! Ariana, then, is here to make a dance party duet happen.

Oh, and it's at this point in the video that there are some close-ups of the ring her fiance Pete Davidson just bought her. As you'd expect, it's absolutely beautiful and HUGE. E! News reported that the teardrop-shaped ring cost $93,000 (P4.97 million). Celebrity jeweler Greg Yuna told the celeb news outlet that Pete called it in at the end of May. "He didn't tell me who it was for but told me to keep it a secret. He didn't tell me anything about it."

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For a second, the old lady with the knitting seems like she's getting into the song—or at least wants to clock a proper look at Ariana's bling too:

But nope, it's a fakeout! As she and the rest of the (rude!) folks around them get up and leave, Troye and Ari continue to dance like they're the only two souls in the room—an act that exudes true BDE. Eventually, they are. There's giggling, table dancing, and a two-person conga line that shouldn't work, but it does! It's all—needless to say with these two young pop legends—GLORIOUS.


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