10 Things You Need To Know About Arra San Agustin

Meet Encantadia's new Amihan.
PHOTO: Instagram/arrasanagustin

The fans of GMA's 2016 reboot of Encantadia were heartbroken when Amihan, the character portrayed by Kylie Padilla, finally met its sad, unfortunate end. But as she was laid to rest, the local fantasy drama gave life to a brand new character to love: Ariana, Amihan’s reincarnation, is the new guardian of the blue gem that represents the wind element. And taking on this challenging role is none other than Arra San Agustin, a 21-year-old graduate of BS Psychology from De La Salle University.

Arra was a Starstruck finalist from batch six, and as far as her acting career goes, being tapped as Encantadia's new Amihan has been her biggest break to date. Curious about this young actress? Below are 10 fun facts you need to know about her, as told by Arra herself!

1. "I have such a bad sweet tooth. I NEED sweets like I need water in my system. Except for marshmallows—hate 'em."

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2. "My first sport was figure skating."

3. "I have this weird obsession over the sitcom Friends. I have seen the whole 10-season show more than 10 times. I find it hard to sleep at night without at least playing it as background noise."



4. "I'm a nature person. I've fallen madly in love with the ocean and the mountains. I wanna retire at either of these places one day."

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5. "I have slightly turned into a skin care freak. I used to invest in makeup, but lately healthy, bare skin has become my new obsession."

6. "I am strongly fascinated by astronomy."

7. "I am God-fearing. I am very spiritual and I'm proud of it."

8. "My ultimate dream is to put up a mental health care center for kids with autism someday."

9. "I love singing—to myself."

10. "My casual getup would normally be a shirt, yoga pants/jeans/shorts, and sneakers. I choose comfort over fancy clothes."

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