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Ashton Kutcher in Festival Fight

The actor was reportedly involved in a heated shoving match with a security guard at the Stagecoach Country Music Festival on April 27.

Ashton Kutcher was involved in a heated confrontation with a security guard at a country music festival.

The Two And A Half Men star—who is dating 29-year-old actress Mila Kunis—was allegedly the victim of an overzealous member of security and was spotted defending himself during a shoving match at the Stagecoach Music Festival in Indio, California, after the bouncer failed to recognize the actor when he tried to greet a female fan.

A source told gossip website that altercation began when a woman approached Ashton in the VIP area while he was watching Nick 13 and Dwight Yoakam perform.

The former That 70s Show star walked over to greet her but a security guard stepped in between them and pushed both the woman and the actor apart.

The actor and the security guard continued to shove each other aggressively until his friends separated and restrained him.

The security guard tried to have Ashton, who sources say was not the aggressor in the situation, removed from the VIP area but he left before being ejected.

Ashton recently returned from a trip to London, where Mila is filming a new movie.

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