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Why Bea Alonzo And Dominic Roque's California Roadtrip Vlog Will Make You Feel ~Kilig~

Because actions speak louder than words.

Get ready to feel ~kilig~ with Bea Alonzo and her new beau Dominic Roque as they share a glimpse of what happened during their recent trip to California in the actress' new vlog uploaded on August 14.

While we've already been treated to Bea's wanderlust-worthy California travel photos in July, the vlog captures the first four days that Bea and Dominic spent in the state. While there's not much dialogue, actions *definitely* speak louder than words as we get to see how genuinely sweet and loving the new couple is to each other.


The video kicks off with Bea and Dominic leaving the Philippines for the United States. On day one of the trip, the couple made sure to burn some calories at the gym as they expected to be eating a lot of food. We're then treated to a view of Griffith Observatory where the film La La Land was shot. 

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On day two, Bea and Dominic were in Los Angeles where they shared a seafood meal and they made time to visit the Santa Monica Pier. Meanwhile, on day three, the couple took a road trip to Malibu. Bea said, "This has become like a food crawl kind of trip, hindi namin intention 'yon but we have been eating so much, so we have to work out more."

On Day 4, the couple drove from Malibu to a quaint little Danish town called Solvang, to which Bea commented that it doesn’t feel like you're in California. The couple intended to visit Bixby Bridge, the Pacific Coast Hiway, and Big Sur for the sunset view. On the way to their intended destination, the couple thought they ended up in Bixby Bridge, but stumbled upon a little gem of a spot that offers a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.

The video ends with several snippets of the second part of the vlog that will be uploaded soon. 


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