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Uh-Oh! Did Bella Racelis Unfollow Joshua Garcia On Instagram?

Netizens speculate that the rumored couple might’ve called it quits.
bella racelis unfollows joshua garcia on instagram
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/thatsbellayt, Instagram/garciajoshuae

Welp, if you’re *shipping* rumored couple Bella Racelis and Joshua Garcia, we have some bad news for ya. The two stars have reportedly *fallen apart* after the vlogger seemingly unfollowed her potential bf on Insta, igniting whispers that they have gone separate ways.

bella racelis unfollows joshua garcia

ICYDK, they have been allegedly dating for about months now—starting August last year when eagle-eyed netizens unearthed evidence of a playlist that Joshua apparently made for Bella, as well as the *subtle launch* of the influencer on his photography account.


After that, they were photographed on several occasions together—including the Eraserheads reunion concert and a mall sighting where they were spotted holding each other’s hands. However, none have gone on the record to confirm their real score—with Joshua even *denying* that he’s in a relationship in one interview.

That said, netizens couldn’t resist airing their thoughts about the news, with some pointing out that it’s good for Bella because she “deserves better.”

bella racelis unfollows joshua garcia
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bella racelis unfollows joshua garcia

So what's the truth? Well, that remains to be known. Until we hear the news from the celebs themselves, this is all just a speculation, something to be usually taken with a grain of salt! Fret not; we’ll keep you posted about these two.

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