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The Best Moments From Binibining Pilipinas 2019

Catriona Gray's speech totally made us cry!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/bbpilipinasofficial, (RIGHT) Twitter/Gensesxx

What a night to remember! This year's Binibining Pilipinas definitely had its share of scene-stealers, from jaw-dropping gowns, fierce walks, to the celebs who added to the sparkle of the event.

Our pageant-loving hearts are full! Here are some of the most unforgettable moments from the 2019 grand coronation night.

1. Anne Curtis' fabulous entrance in her blue Michael Cinco gown:


2. Aya Abesamis' (Pasig City) GIF-worthy dress flip:

3. Celebs Nadine Lustre, James Reid, and Daniel Padilla making their mark in Binibining Pilipinas history as pageant judges.

Nadine's question for Pasig's Aya Abesamis was especially striking: "What advice would you give a 16-year-old girl for her to become more socially aware and become an empowered young lady?"

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4. Gloria Diaz's remark about "plastics" during the Q&A portion:

The audience broke into laughter in the middle of Gloria Diaz's question about cleaning up the country's polluted beaches, when she said, "We are full of plastics." 

Here's her full question:

"[The] Philippines has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But we are also ranked [as] one of the top three or four [countries with] most polluted oceans. We are full of plastics. if you win Binibining Pilipinas, how could you make a difference to help clean up our oceans?"


Watch the audience react to Gloria's question here:

5. 2019 Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados' winning answer to pageant judge Bobby Barreiro:


She was asked, "If you win the crown tonight, what can you do to get more women in the workplace?"

"If I win the crown tonight, what I will do is to promote my advocacy. My advocacy is for us women to fight for our rights and for elderly care, and for us to be able to know that someone is loving us and someone is pushing us to whatever ambitions that we have. We will be able to rise from our decisions to whatever dreams we have, goals that we have, and we will achieve it because of those values, [the] wisdom that they gave us. Thank you."

6. Catriona Gray's final walk and moving, tearful speech as Miss Universe Philippines 2018:

Catriona shared three mountains she had to surmount as Miss Universe Philippines: conquering herself, conquering others, and conquering for a purpose. Here are some snippets from her speech:


"I knew that out of all 95 women that I was to compete with in Miss Universe, I would be the one and only Filipina, and that gave me strength."

"I was told that it was too soon for another Miss Universe from the Philippines, I was body-shamed, and I was put down. But I conquered others by surrounding myself with people who uplifted me, supported me, and mentored me. "

"What was the point of all this? Who was I doing this for? I looked down at the lettering over my heart, and it said Philippines. I felt its weight, knowing the history, challenges, and triumphs of the Filipino people, I thought of the children of Tondo and of my country."

"I may only be one person, but now I have the opportunity to serve 104 million Filipinos, and I knew that I was doing this para sa Pilipinas. Inside each and every one of us is a king or queen with the ability to conquer the universe, whatever that may be for you."


Watch Catriona's final walk and speech here:

All hail our new queens!