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Beyonce was So Hot, the Lights Went Out!

Beyonce rocked the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans during her Super Bowl halftime performance. So what if there was a power failure afterwards?
Beyonce was so hot, the lights went out! The 31-year-old singer did not disappoint during Super Bowl XLVII's halftime show in New Orleans (aired live 6:30 EST/5:30 CST on February 3, 2013), as she belted out her signature tunes and brought in Destiny's Child fellow members Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland for a much-anticipated reunion.

It's no easy feat to perform at the Super Bowl, estimated to be watched by over 150 million people around the world, so the singer admitted prior to the show that those feelings of nerves will be creeping in. Her secret? She likes to make love to husband Jay-Z when she feels overwhelmed.

The "Love On Top" hitmaker added: "I've been preparing for five months for this moment. I'm happy I'll have my husband there with me—it's every women's dream to feel this way about her husband."

The singer has been married to rapper Jay-Z since April 2008, and the couple welcomed daughter Blue Ivy into the world January last year.

If you haven't seen her halftime video yet, check out this Youtube clip we found, and enjoy listening to hits such as "Baby Boy," "Bootylicious," and "Independent Women, Pt. 1!"






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