Bianca Gonzalez Reveals Her Second Child's Name In The Cutest Way

Any tips for the mom of two?
PHOTO: Instagram/iamsuperbianca

Yesterday, September 29, Bianca Gonzalez posted on Instagram a photo of her and her family at the beach. It shows her husband JC Intal and her daughter Lucia kissing her belly. Dreamily, she captioned the cute moment while also revealing the name of her baby: "Aaah, what will life with JC, Lucia, and Carmen be like."

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Fans were quick to approve of the name Carmen, while others wanted further confirmation that Bianca will be having another girl.

Bianca also can't help feeling a little emotional and anxious as she hit 35 weeks of pregnancy—one more week until she gives birth! The TV host also revealed yesterday on Instagram that she was having mixed emotions about going through the hardships of taking care of a baby again. She's then seeking tips from moms of two or more kids.

She wrote: "Deep inside I am slightly panicking because I'm admittedly not emotionally or mentally ready for the sleepless nights and exhaustion all over again, and this time balancing taking care of a toddler too! Am I just so emo because I am hitting #35weeks tomorrow? Most friends say the second baby is "easier"...totoo ba? Or false hope? Haha. Would love some tips from mommas of two or more kids! Thank you! #mommydiaries."

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Can't wait to meet Carmen!

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