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Bianca King On Her First Trimester Of Pregnancy: 'I cried over anything'

'Felt like an underachieving, tired, lazy, emotional, hot mess.'
Bianca King recalls pregnancy first trimester challenges
PHOTO: Instagram/bianca_king

Pregnancy is no walk in the park, and the first few months are known to be the most challenging ones for expectant moms.

Bianca King recently opened up about the physical and emotional hardships she faced during the early stages of her pregnancy.

"1st trimester," Bianca wrote in an IG post. "A joyous time filled with gratitude and… hunger! I felt all the classic symptoms. Hungry all the time, heartburn, frequent bathroom trips, nausea all day, sore boobies. I cried over anything. I was brattier and needier than usual. Felt like an underachieving, tired, lazy, emotional, hot mess. Getting up to feed myself was an achievement. But all pregnancies are different! Some feel nothing, some have hyperemesis."

"Kept thinking of all the women who have to go to work feeling like poop," the actress added. "Warriors! Maybe in the future, there will be a paid first-trimester leave?? Similar to maternity leave. I hope so!"


Bianca also shared that she got "sucked into the black hole of research" looking up about the realities of chromosomal abnormalities in babies and everything that could go wrong in a pregnancy. Thankfully, she was reassured by her doctor during her 11th to 13th week that the baby is doing fine.

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It was in mid-August when Bianca revealed that she and her husband, Ralph Wintle, were expecting. The couple had a low-key wedding in Sydney, Australia, in 2021. Ralph is the brother of Ben Wintle, the husband of Iza Calzado, who is also currently pregnant with her first child.


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