Billy + Coleen Are Taking Flak For Their Photo Shoot In Ethiopia

Oh no!
PHOTO: Instagram/coleen

Soon-to-be-married couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia are getting criticized for their pre-wedding photos taken in Ethiopia, a country in the Horn of Africa peninsula. The pictures, taken by Metrophoto, find Billy and Coleen garbed in a colorful ensemble with different views of the country as their background. 

Netizens called out the TV host and the actress, accusing the couple of using Ethiopians as "background" or "props."

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A few have defended the couple, saying:

As of press time, the photos containing the Ethiopian children have been taken down. Billy and Coleen, along with the people involved in the shoot, have yet to comment on the issue. is open to receiving statements from all parties involved. 

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What is your stand on this issue, CGs?

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