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Billy Crawford Lost A Friend In The Paris Attacks

'Hopefully they can recover from this.'

In a report by ABS-CBN, Billy Crawford opened up about mourning over the death of a friend from the recent Paris attacks on November 13. Billy, who lived in the City of Lights for six years in the 2000s, says that his pal was one of the victims in the shooting at the La Belle Equipe café, one of the six sites attacked by ISIS on Friday night.

“A friend of mine from the south of France, he actually has a place near Republique, which is really nearby that coffee shop [La Belle Equipe] there. His cousin apparently was there staying in his apartment over there and ‘yun he was one of the victims. So it’s scary.”

The host asked for prayers during this horrible situation, saying, “You pray for all the family members [of the victims], you know, in France na hopefully they can recover from this quite quickly.”

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