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WATCH: The Real Story Behind How Callalily Wrote 'Magbalik'

For fans of Callalily, a riff is all it takes to be transported back in time. "Magbalik" is arguably the band’s biggest song, and its guitar intro is perhaps one of the most unmistakable in all of modern OPM. In this OG video exclusive, band members past and present give us a peek into the making of the music. From a fateful jeepney ride and a late-night songwriting session, to romantic entanglements and input from a left-handed guitar player, the boys break down the track and let us in on how exactly "Magbalik" got made. 

We even get the story behind the music video, and how newer fans are discovering the band and sharing their own experiences with the song. Watch OG Presents: "Magbalik" by Callalily, this Friday, August 13, only on the OG YouTube Channel 


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