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WATCH: Kean Cipriano Shares The True Story Behind Callalily’s 'Magbalik'

Callalily has been making music we’ve been singing along to for over 15 years. Kean Cipriano and company have given us gems like "Stars," "Pansamantala," "Ex," and, of course, "Magbalik." That unmistakable opening riff has inspired countless covers over the years, making it perhaps the band’s most popular track to date.

In this teaser trailer from Summit’s video-first channel OG, frontman Cipriano lets us in on the origins of the band, what it means for them to have crafted songs that resonate so profoundly with their listeners, and what exactly the story is behind "Magbalik" (heck, even he seems a bit confused about it now!). OG Presents: Callalily premieres this Friday, August 13, at 8 p.m. 


OG Channel is Summit Media’s latest all-video brand. For our first series, OG puts the spotlight on our vibrant OPM scene. Subscribe to the channel here and watch other OG videos here. 

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