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The hot rock star talks about his personal style and what he likes to see YOU wear. PLUS: View outtakes of his "Rock Meets Romance" fashion ed in this month's ish!

The fashion trend we currently love involves adding a delicate touch to tough-looking apparel (think: a leather and lace combo). And, to show you this trend in this month's special fashion spread "Rock Meets Romance" (pp. 146-153), we got not just a female model to show off the fab looks, but also Callalily frontman Kean Cipriano to wear the rock garb, highlighting the beauty of contrasts.

Though his demeanor in the photos is that of a stereotypical brooding rock star, in real life, Kean is a joy to work with. He was our walking source of entertainment (read: great live music) at the shoot, as he made us swoon with his guitar skills and vocals (softer than usual, of course), which he demonstrated at every turn. His wardrobe for the shoot, styled by associate fashion editor Happy Lopez, was very laid-back and rocker-worthy--they all really suit him. But, we wondered what his own style is really like outside of his music and acting jobs.

To find out, we asked him about it during our interview with him, which you can read in full below.

How would you describe your personal style?

'Yung style ko is called the "I don't know" style 'cause it has no direction. I don't know what's right and what's wrong; I just wear what I like and I wear what I have. I can't wear something na hindi naman talaga ako or do something na 'di naman pasok sa 'kin.

Is your "rock star" look your REAL look? How do you dress off-cam?

Well, 'pag sa shoot, I'm happy that they provide clothes for me. I don't have to think about what I'm wearing or how I'm gonna look. I trust the people I work with, kaya I let them do everything. Parang, pakialaman nila kung ano'ng gusto [nilang] suotin [ko] for their shoot. Sama lang ako, sasakay lang ako sa gusto nilang mangyari. Pero [in real life], I like wearing jeans, Converse shoes, shades, and plain shirts.

Who is your style icon?

I like how Johnny Depp projects himself.

What's your fashion obsession that you think is worth splurging on?

Shades and sunglasses. They embrace my eyes and give me warmth. I am blessed na [I get to try them on at shoots]... Ang sarap ng feeling na they want me to wear this. Sa 'kin lang, shades talaga 'yung magandang gastusan in a fashion sense.

Are you self-conscious about your outfit choices?

Sometimes 'pag merong topak...'pag halimbawang, minsan may date o may gig. I think this time around, parang I'm more obliged to look more presentable kasi I'm visible now. I'm an entertainer, I'm a musician, and I perform on stage. Whenever I perform, I think I have to present myself well.

How do your stage outfits differ from your everyday clothes?

Minsan kasi, magugulat ka 'pag sa gig mas barubal 'yung suot ko, e. Mas tagpi-tagpi na clothes, mas masaya kasi mas makakagalaw ako freely. Pero ano naman, pinaghahandaan ko naman 'yung gigs na kailangang paghandaan. 'Di naman ako puwedeng mag-coat sa bar gig; masyadong mainit. Kailangan talaga kung ano 'yung bagay sa gig.

As a guy, would you find it annoying if a girl tried to dictate your style? How far would you let her do so?

It depends, pero kung 'yung babae naman knows what she's saying, it's fine with me--if I feel that she really wants me to look better, look good. As long as she doesn't mind the design of my underwear, it's fine. Hanggang komportable pa rin siguro ako, hanggang nakakagalaw pa 'ko ng maayos, okay sa 'kin. Kasi, I think 'yung pagdadamit naman, kapalan lang naman ng mukha 'yan, e. Kung kaya mong magsuot ng medyo beyond your [comfort zone], lakasan lang ng loob. Some people wear fancy clothes na kaya nila. Siguro confidence lang talaga.

Do you have any tips for girls who want their guys to be a little more fashion-forward?

Just make your guy feel like he's the king of the world and you'll always have the last say. Mas maganda kung papadaanin ng babae in a very swabe way, hindi 'yung parang dictator. The milder you speak, [the better because] you're giving the guy options.

What qualities do you find attractive in girls?

I like girls who don't wear makeup. Basta naman kaya dalhin ng babae, kaya 'yan e. Pero ilang babae lang 'yung nakakadala ng walang makeup.

What clothes do you like seeing on girls?

Damit na feeling ko hindi niya hiniram. Maganda rin minsan 'yung medyo boyish na look ng babae, 'yung kaya mag-sneakers, pants, and plain shirt. I see all of the women wearing beautiful clothes, [but] ang saya rin minsan makakita ng sobrang steady lang na damit.

What kind of outfits do you find sexy on a woman?

Ang ganda tingnan ng babaeng naka-polo na panlalaki, parang boyfriend [shirt], parang illusion mo na walang shorts pero meron pala talaga.

What do you wish girls would stop wearing?

Stop wearing anything--joke lang! Nothing, I don't know. Whatever they like wearing, they [should] wear.

What do you wish girls would wear more often?

I don't know. I admit I know nothing about fashion. I think they should wear eyeglasses more often 'cause I wear shades all the time, para pareho lang [kami].

Which female celebrity do you think has great fashion sense?

Liz Uy, definitely.

Launch the gallery to see outtakes from his fashion shoot. Watch for our exclusive video interview with him on CosmoTV tomorrow!

See Kean Cipriano in the fashion editorial of the October issue of Cosmopolitan Philippines, with Angel Locsin on the front cover and John Lloyd Cruz on the flipside--in stands NOW!

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