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JUST IN: Camille Co Has Given Birth!

Welcome to the world, Sienna Elea Co Koro.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/itscamilleco; (RIGHT) YouTube/Camille Co

Camille Co just announced on Instagram that she already gave birth—and it actually happened on Tuesday, March 23!

"My birthing story was nothing like what I expected," she wrote. "The day I was rushed to the hospital was also the same day all three hospitals I was considering to give birth at announced new protocols—like we were back to square one. It was a whirlwind of emotions but we eventually did it. She’s finally here—healthy and safe. My birthing story, now on the vlog."


The post featured a photo taken from her maternity shoot.

In her vlog, Camille took the viewers on her emotional roller coaster because the hospital protocols would keep changing, up until the very day she was going to deliver the baby. She talked about feeling down because of the changes with the required validity of her and her husband Joni Koro's RT-PCR swab tests. This was because this would mean Joni would not be allowed in the labor and delivery rooms.

"Feels like March 2020 again," she said, flashing news reports of the surge in COVID-19 positive cases in Metro Manila.

Camille first felt something was different because she saw some pink discharge and felt something leaking. Her OB-Gyn advised her to immediately go to the nearest hospital. Because Camille would be doing ge lai (the Chinese traditional method of postpartum healing, which requires moms to not do anything "cold" for one month after giving birth), she took a shower and—so adorably kikay—even put on lip balm.

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Camille cried because she was not prepared for the turn of events and was worried about Joni. They had to transfer hospitals because the first one was understaffed. Despite what was happening, being the charming couple that they are, Joni even joked about Camille's furry slippers and Camille talked about her cute outfit. He was clearly trying to make her laugh.

Camille would be induced but her cervix would not dilate enough, prompting doctors to perform a C-section. Enter scenes of the heart-tugging arrival of their baby. Before closing the video, the name of their daughter was flashed: Sienna Elea Co Koro.

Camille first announced her pregnancy in a vlog in December 2020. Congrats, Camille and Joni!

Watch Camille's birthing story vlog here: