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Oops, Camille Prats Finds Herself Looped In On The JaMill Cheating Issue

'You got the wrong Camille.'
PHOTO: Instagram/camilleprats

Recently, Camille Prats has been receiving DMs from concerned citizens telling her she deserves better. The actress posted screenshots on her Facebook. Some of the messages read, "'Di mo deserve yung gan'tong pain. Andito lang kami," "Cheer up, Ate Camille. 'Wag mo nang balikan yung gago na 'yon. 'Di mo deserve yung unggoy na lalaki," and "Ate kumusta kayo ni Kuya Jayzam pagkatapos nung Tulfo sana maging ok kayo, Ate."

Camille, who is married to VJ Yambao, then wrote, "Just to clarify something that started out as a joke/meme that I think led to confusion: Ibang Camille po iyon. Appreciate your kind messages, guys, but you got the wrong Camille."


Judging by the mention of Jayzam Manabat in one of the DMs, it looks like some netizens mistook Camille Prats for Camille Trinidad. Vloggers Jayzam and Camille (Trinidad, guys!) are behind the portmanteau and YouTube channel JaMill.

And in case you missed it, Jayzam and Camille are currently going through relationship troubles. A few days ago, Camille posted photos of two women whom Jayzam allegedly cheated on her with. The photos have been taken down, but she stands by being cheated on.

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