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These Sassy Cartoon IG Memes Will Make You LOL

Because they speak the truth (jk, not really).
PHOTO: (LEFT) The Princess and the Frog/Walt Disney Pictures Animation Studios, (RIGHT) Lilo & Stitch/Buena Vista Pictures/Walt Disney Pictures

There's nothing we love more than a good sassy meme. And when it's accompanied by an image of a beloved cartoon character pretending to say it? IT'S THE BEST. Below, the funniest and feistiest cartoon memes you'll gladly repost in your Instagram Stories:

  1. Totally Spies!' Sam is 100 percent right.

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  2. This is basically everyone after getting out of work.

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  3. Who else wants a seven-day weekend?

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  4. No drama = better sleep!

  5. The secret to dealing with ~life~? Skin made of steel.

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  6. Here's something simple you can say to toxic people:

  7. An excellent question to ask people who aren't worthy of your time!

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  8. If only this were possible, right?

  9. Who knew Ice Bear from We Bare Bears could be so savage?

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  10. We wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of this line!

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