These Sassy Cartoon IG Memes Will Make You LOL

Because they speak the truth (jk, not really).
PHOTO: (LEFT) The Princess and the Frog/Walt Disney Pictures Animation Studios, (RIGHT) Lilo & Stitch/Buena Vista Pictures/Walt Disney Pictures

There's nothing we love more than a good sassy meme. And when it's accompanied by an image of a beloved cartoon character pretending to say it? IT'S THE BEST. Below, the funniest and feistiest cartoon memes you'll gladly repost in your Instagram Stories:

  1. Totally Spies!' Sam is 100 percent right.

  2. This is basically everyone after getting out of work.

  3. Who else wants a seven-day weekend?

  4. No drama = better sleep!

  5. The secret to dealing with ~life~? Skin made of steel.

  6. Here's something simple you can say to toxic people:

  7. An excellent question to ask people who aren't worthy of your time!

  8. If only this were possible, right?

  9. Who knew Ice Bear from We Bare Bears could be so savage?

  10. We wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of this line!

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