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We Finally Know What Catriona Gray And Miss South Africa Were Saying During The Miss Universe Coronation Night

Who wouldn't love this friendship, right?
PHOTO: Miss Universe/Amorn Pitayanant

Admit it: You were on the edge of your seat during the entire coronation night for the 2018 Miss Universe competition, especially that moment when it was just Catriona Gray and Miss South Africa Tamaryn Green onstage!

During her official homecoming press con yesterday, February 20, Catriona shared what she and Tamaryn were saying to each other right before the winner was announced. Apparently, it's something that she always gets asked about and people have even been trying to read their lips!

Here, let's relive that iconic moment:

Catriona told the press, "Just to describe that moment: It's really crazy. You can imagine that all these months, girls prepared, and now the competition comes down to that one moment where [there's the] Top 2. And you kind of get locked up into your own world. The spotlight comes on and it's almost like it's just me and Tamaryn, which is Miss South Africa. My mom even asked me why I was twiddling thumbs! I don't know, it's just a comforting thing?"  

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"Anyway. I was saying to her, 'I'm so happy to be here with you. I know you'll do amazing whatever happens.' And she said, 'You too, babe. You too.'" 

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Awww, who wouldn't love this friendship, right? 

Catriona's homecoming parade kicks off at 2 p.m. today, which will start at the Sofitel grounds in Pasay until it reaches Ayala Avenue in Makati. We can't wait to see her "lava float," designed by Fritz Silorio

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Cat's schedule also includes upcoming events with charitable organizations such as Young Focus, LoveYourself PH, and Smile Train. 

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