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SPOTTED: These Celebs In Boracay Make Us Want To Go Back To The Island ASAP

PHOTO: Instagram/coleen

After six long months, Boracay has finally extended its arms to the public again! On Friday, October 26, 2018, the island officially opened to the public. Of course, we could expect our favorite celebs not to pass up the chance to be there at the island's reopening. Here are a few that we spotted:  

1. Actress and host Coleen Garcia posted a photo of her walking along the shores of Boracay, and she took note of the fact that she could walk on the sand with no danger of stepping on glass. "Congratulations and well done to those who helped clean up Boracay! I already can't wait to come back!"

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2. Over the weekend, Cristine Reyes posted a series of photos of her and daughter Amarah at the beach. We're sooo jealous.  

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3. Rufa Mae Quinto, also with her daughter Athena, hit up Boracay this weekend! "Cleanliness is next to Boracay." LOL. Never change, Rufa Mae. 

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4. Vlogger and makeup artist Anna Cay also paid the island a visit. 

5. Actress Cai Cortez spent a few days in Boracay in honor of its reopening. Her photo caption reads, "Any body is beach ready." Indeed. You look fab, Cai! 

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The general consensus? Boracay is much cleaner now. And it's also up to us to help keep it that way! As of now, several road infrastructures remain unfinished and resorts are still undergoing major renovations. But we missed you dearly, Bora! Welcome back.  

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