12 Celebrities Who Committed Major Blunders On-Stage

And they usually work it out like pros.
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Walking can be hard, right? And judging by some of these celebrity fails, even just standing still can be a challenge.

Here's a roundup of all our favorite celebrity fallsfrom Rihanna taking a tumble to Justin Bieber falling through a trap door.

1. Ariana Grande's slippery stool

2. Pink proves harnesses are RLY dangerous

3. Has anyone fallen as badly as Iggy Azalea here?

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4. Taylor Swift shows us all how it's done

5. Oh poor Ed Sheeran, jumping is not a good idea

6. Rihanna trips over herself, still looks cool

7. Lady Gaga falls too many times to count

8. If there is a floor, One Direction WILL fall

9. Beyonce makes falling over look ENTIRELY intentional

(And again)

10. Katy Perry has an incident with some cake

11. Someone thought it would be a smart to cover the stage in water at Justin Bieber's gig

And he also fell through a trap door a while back.

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12. And just because…


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