Your 'One Tree Hill' Crush Chad Michael Murray Is Writing A Romantic Novel

The plot came to him 'in a dream.'
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While he will always be our dream man, One Tree Hill's Chad Michael Murray (surprisingly) hasn't been thinking about us in his sleepinstead, he dreamt about the story behind his debut romance novel.

As in, he's a proper author now and the plot for his first book came to him in a dream. Yes, really.

A Cinderella Story came out in 2004 and OTH came to an end in 2012, which might be why Chad has now turned his attention to writing his bookan "adventure thriller romance" novel based on a dream he once had.

American Drifter, due to come out on November 7, 2017, is about an American soldier who goes backpacking through Rio De Janeiro. Speaking to Us Weekly about the story, Chad explained how he came up with the idea.

"American Drifter's romance was inspired by a dream I had," he commented. "The dream had played out so vividly, as if I was a fly on the wall watching this tale go down."

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"Also, at that time, I had been searching for a story that would resonate with the youth of the world in a way that would make us feel the light and excitement for adventure," he added.

"American Drifter became a combination of those two journeys merging together with Rio de Janeiro setting the stage for an adventure thriller romance."

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