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Channing Tatum Has Already Declared The Best Dancer In Magic Mike XXL

And it's not himself.

While you wait 3.5 more months for Magic Mike XXL to bless your life with its existence, Channing Tatum is here to tease you with new information that will make subsisting on nothing but that 96-second trailer even harder.

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Channing asserted that of all the gorgeous specimens participating in XXL, one in particular is going to send moviegoers into a frenzy: Joe Manganiello. "It is terrifyingly unreal when he dances," he said. "He's going to blow people's minds in this movie." He's probably not exaggerating, because remember that milk-spurting scene in the trailer? That is the stuff of dreams.

"The fun is now extra, extra large," Joe added, referencing the sequel's name but maybe also his character's name, which—never forget—is Big Dick Richie. Channing also noted that the movie includes no body doubles, saying it's "100 percent all us."

Great, that's what everyone wanted to hear! He then described the movie as a "stripper odyssey," so if anybody out there wants to go ahead and rewrite The Odyssey to be about Mike and his beefcake cohorts, consider this your opportunity.


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