Just A Bunch Of Hot Charles Melton Photos That'll Make You...*Melt*

Who else is crushing on Reggie?!
PHOTO: Patricia Schlein/WENN.com

Camila Mendes recently took to Instagram to post a photo of her and rumored boyfriend Charles Melton looking super cute and cuddly, as he plants a kiss on her nose. The Riverdale stars are now ~Instagram official~, and now we can't stop thinking about Charles!

Here, a bunch of his photos while we sit in a corner being both jealous and happy for Cami:   

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Here's Charles looking out a bus window.

Seriously. How could you look this good while sticking your head out a window? 

The Riverdale jacket suits him really well, dontcha think?

Charles portrays Reggie Mantle on the show, replacing fellow actor Ross Butler in Season 2 after the role was recast.  

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Yes, Charles? 

Those genes, though. This bb is of Korean, Caucasian, and Cherokee descent.


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Charles in glasses looks even better! 

Don't look at us like that, please. 

Grabe, stop making us melt, Melton. 

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Please serenade us, piano man.

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Here's Charles with a...rooster. Ughhhh, cute. 

And here he is as our favorite little mermaid. 

This goofy guy has an awesome sense of humor! BRB, we're going to keep stalking! 

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Riverdale Season 3 premieres on Netflix on October 11.

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