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Cheska Garcia-Kramer On Team Kramer's Accidental Success

'We were merely posting photos and videos, and it came as a surprise to us that there was a growing number of followers.'
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Team Kramer is one of the most famous local showbiz families today, but how they started was quite unconventional. Yes, Cheska Garcia-Kramer (aka Mama Kramer) has been a well-known  personalitystarting as a child actress and model in the '90sbut her fame skyrocketed in the past five years, thanks to her family's posts online.

We all know each member of Team Kramer: Cheska and Doug (aka Papa Kramer) leading the pack, with Kendra, 7, Scarlett, 5, and Gavin, 4, as their tiny brood. And we have, more than once, stalked the family's hilarious and heartwarming videos online. But unknown to many, Team Kramer never intended to be the success story that it is today.

Cheska gave an exclusive interview as one of our nine speakers for #WomenWill, our International Women's Day (IWD) tie-up with Google. The actress/YouTuber talked about how their love for documenting precious family momentsfrom the mundane to momentoushelped create their family brand.

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Cheska recounts, "Actually everything with Team Kramer was just an accident. We never planned anything. Most people think that we planned Team Kramer. We were merely posting photos and videos, and it came as a surprise to us that people started following and that there was a growing number of followers."

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Being a social media star in 2017 was never a goal for Cheska, who is a self-confessed noob when it comes to technology. She owes their internet stardom to hubby Doug who has always been the family's tech guru:

"In the beginning, I didn't want to have Facebook, I didn't want to have Twitter, I didn't want to have Instagram. I didn't want to have anything.  Because I said, 'Why will I do this? Who's going to follow me? Why would people be interested in my life?'"

She adds, "I don't have much apps. I'm boring that way. If I need more apps I'll ask Doug to put. He's the techy one kasi. Nakiki-techy lang ako."

But what paved the way for both of them to get on the social media bandwagon was their shared love for sentimentality. Ever since they got together as a couple back in the mid-2000s they've documented their journey: From their many trips, to their wedding in 2008, to the birth of their first child Kendra in 2009, and so on. Their kids have also come to appreciate their parents' penchant for family videos and photos, and as Cheska foresees, it will only continue as they grow older.

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"I think we'll always be like that because Doug and I are really sentimental people. We like making videos and watching them with our kids. Our kids love watching their videos and they laugh at each other. I think that's still going to happenwhether we have the following or not."

They do, however, draw the line when it comes to their children. They never upload anything that would compromise their safety for juicier and more dramatic content reminiscent of today's slew of family reality TV stars:

"That's the great thing about posting our own videos against, you know, having a reality show, we don't have to put drama in whatever we postbecause, really, we're not a dramatic family and we don't like conflict. So with the videos that we post, those are regulated videos and photos. Of course the number one priority is to protect our children and we wouldn't put [out] anything that would compromise them. In fact if there are certain videos that we feel like maybe for us is not offensive but if we feel like other people will be offended by it, we don't post it."

Herein lies Chesca's passionnot the fame and perks that come along with being a social media star, but being a wife and mother:

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"I advocate couples to stay together, to work on their relationship, be that example to their children, and, of course, for parents not to just leave their kids at home but to really raise their children because we all know that character begins at home. And who else [can] properly raise [our] children but us parents?"

"I'm also passionate about encouraging mothers. I would say I only found my niche in life when I became a mom. True, I'm an actress, I'm also a host. But then I found what I could really be and my potential when I became a mother."


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