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Whoa, Chie Filomeno And Gerald Anderson Had A Near Collision At A Racing Event

It was scary!
PHOTO: Instagram/chiefilomeno; Instagram/geraldandersonjr

It was a pretty scary Sunday for Chie Filomeno and Gerald Anderson, who were both competitors in a racing event on September 1.

Gerald shared a clip of their vehicles' near-collision on his Instagram account, where we can see his car spin out. Chie was fast trailing behind but managed to steer just in time to avoid Gerald's car.

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"When you fall or lose your way, do everything you can to get back on the right track," Gerald said in his post. "Nice save, Chie @chiefilomeno."

Chie, unfortunately, figured in an accident, when her car "aquaplaned" or slid out of control on the wet road. But she's totally okay! She took to her Instagram account to share her takeaways from the incident.

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"RACE WEEKEND DONE!!" Chie said in her post. "Woke up and my body is in so much pain, but I’m beyond grateful that I am alive and no one else got hurt."

Chie went on to share just how much she enjoys the rush she gets from the sport, despite how life-threatening it can be at times.

"No matter what happens I still find myself coming back to this sport, the adrenaline rush it gives me is out of this world. It’s so hard to explain why we keep doing it despite the danger, pero 'pag mahal mo, mahal mo eh. Ganun talaga HAHAHAH HUGOAT.

"What a CRAZY weekend that I bawled my eye out—out of frustration. I got into an accident (much worse than the last time, swipe to see it. First time experiencing aquaplane. I guess there’s always a first time for everything."

Both Gerald and Chie recently took part in the Star Magic games' basketball and volleyball competitions. In August, Gerald became a private reservist for the Philippine army as he's soon to star in a military drama, A Soldier's Heart. He also spoke about the end of his relationship with Bea Alonzo, his girlfriend of three years. 

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Chie celebrated her 23rd birthday on August 15 with an Instagrammable pink-themed party. She's also a member of girl group GT (formerly known as Girltrends), which drew flak from netizens for a dance production number where they were not moving in sync with each other. She has since admitted that it was her fault, saying it just wasn't her day and it was the first time in three years that it had happened.

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