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Chie Filomeno Admits To Getting Her Nose Done: 'It's your own choice'

Watch her candid interview!

On Tonight With Boy Abunda, Chie Filomeno faces the assumptions about her, including the rumor that she got a nose job. She admits that it’s true, saying, “There’s nothing wrong [with] enhancing something that you have. It’s a choice. It’s your own choice. As long as wala kang natatapakang tao, go [for] it.”

Another assumption about her is that she allegedly uses her body for money, which is a straight-up lie, according to Chie. “People will believe what they want to believe. Kahit sabihin ko na hindi. Hindi pa rin sila maniniwala kung gusto nilang paniwalaan na isa akong bayarang babae. But it’s a lie,” says the actress and GirlTrends member.

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