Chloe Moretz Thinks Jollibee Employee Really Looks Like Her

Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on December 9, 2016!
PHOTO: (EDCELL) Facebook/Edcell Ched, (CHLOE) Euan Cherry/

1 Thanks to the wonders of the internet, Chloe Moretz has finally seen photos of her Pinay doppelganger, fast food employee Edcell Ched. The actress retweeted a few stories about her and Edcell, even reacting to one with, "WHOAAAA we do look very [a]like." Chloe’s had her say—and she agrees—so enough with the hate!

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2 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage is totally fine, people! Amid rumors that the two are planning to divorce, Kim’s close friend, Jonathan Cheban, tells E! News, "I just FaceTimed with Kim and Kanye and everyone's talking about some divorce rumors...and it's so funny to me because it's so not true," he shared. "They're in good spirits. I don't want to talk much about them because it's not my business but I do have to say that the divorcing is kind of hysterical," Jonathan added. What a relief—we’re definitely rooting for Kimye! (E! News)

3 Can Carpool Karaoke get even more epic?! Tbh, James Corden needs someone completely major to top the latest guest to come on his show—Madonna! Watch James and the Queen of Pop drive through NYC while belting out some of her hit tracks:

4 After private photos of Maisie Williams emerged online, the Game of Thrones actress’ representatives confirm that she has indeed been hacked. The photos were taken during a recent trip to Japan, features Maisie and two other girls in various states of undress, and were stolen from one of Maisie’s private social media accounts. However, Maisie’s rep says, "The images are not explicit in nature." (

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5 Need a pick-me-up on the last day of the work week? Feast your eyes on the teaser trailer for the Baywatch remake! Tons of shirtless Zac Efron shots to help you power through today. ;)

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