Christian Bautista And Kat Ramnani Had An Indian-Themed Pre-Wedding Party

It looks like a beautiful Bollywood bridal bash!
PHOTO: Instagram/patdy11

Singer Christian Bautista and his fiancée Kat Ramnani are due to walk down the aisle today, November 17, in what promises to be a fantastic wedding in Bali, Indonesia. Last night, an Indian-themed pre-wedding party was held at Tirtha Uluwatu resort. Kat wore a gorgeous pink and gold sari, and Christian donned a Nehru jacket.

There were many Indian design elements in the resort, and there were even Indian dance performances to entertain the guests.

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The pre-wedding party is a much more elaborate production than Christian’s proposal in October 30, 2017. In an interview with, he described the life-changing event: “We were as plain as we could be, we were just eating cold pizza. Nothing romantic.” He put the ring in a small bag, and told Kat that he had a gift for her. “Ganun kasimple,” he laughed. He laughed even more when he said that, at first, Kat thought it was candy. He popped the question in a hotel room in Italy.

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His latest post as of this writing is of Kat standing by the shoreline, silhouetted by the sunset. It was simply captioned: “3 beautiful views, the sun, the sea, and @katramnani.”

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