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Chynna Ortaleza Gets Candid As She Shares Her Views On Accepting Flaws

‘The struggle for perfection and validation is a lie that hovers over everybody’s head.’

Chynna Ortaleza recently shared a thought-provoking video where she candidly spoke about accepting her flaws.

In the video, Chynna said, "When I turned 30, that's when things changed. Now I'm 35, turning 36 in a couple of months. I accept it. I validate the fact that I have these negative conversations about my being."

The actress posted the video on Instagram and the caption reads, "I will continue to speak about this at present. Most especially now that I have gained the courage to rebuke the toxicity that comes with mindless comments."

The 35-year-old actress said in her post, "No, this is not a problem with #public personas as some of you may claim. Shoving it in my face as if I should just swallow everything that comes with having a career in the public eye."

Chynna said that the struggle for perfection and validation "is a lie that hovers over everybody's head."


She continued, "The dialogue is getting better at present and I am proud of those who now have the courage to shed light."

Addressing those who are still caught in the toxic cycle, Chynna said, "I understand that you are getting your fair share of this through deeply-rooted traumas. May you find more useful use of your time and break free."

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The actress added, "Remember, you are beautiful and uniquely created. In all phases of your time here. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. If it penetrates… Slam the negativity down and breathe through." 

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