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These Movies Will Make You Want To Watch The 2019 Cinemalaya Film Festival Even More

They tackle May-December romances, school bullying, f*ckboys, and more!
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You guys, it's almost film festival season again! To get you more excited for this year's Cinemalaya, here's a rundown of all 10 of this year's entries for the full-length feature film category. 

1. ANi (The Harvest) 

This science-fiction movie is set in the year 2050! It tells the story of a little boy and his malfunctioning robot as they embark on a search for magical grains to save his grandfather.

2. Belle Douleur (A Beautiful Pain) 

Are you ready for a new ~steamy~ May-December romance? Belle Douleur tells the story of a woman in her 40s (Mylene Dizon) and her journey to finding happiness as she meets a 20-something antique collector (Kit Thompson). 

3. Children Of The River  

Want to go back to your childhood? In this film, a boy named Elias and his friends have sworn to always look out for each other. They adorably start each day with distant phone calls before heading out to a brand new *adventure*. When Ted, an outsider, takes a vacation in their community, it triggers a change within Elias. He seeks comfort among his friends until he gradually accepts the truth about his identity.

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4. Edward 

This film tells the story of a young boy who treats a public hospital as his very own ~unlikely~ playground! Edward shows the injustices of the public health care system in the country. The film's lead actor, Louise Abuel, actually spent time with teenagers who were taking care of their ailing loved ones in public hospitals, and even went to slum areas with the film's director Thop Nazareno.

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5. Fucc Bois 

This *mature* movie tells the story of Ace, 23 years old, and Miko, 17 years old, who desperately want to become famous actors. However, it seems like the Universe has a different plan for their lives. 

Fun fact: The film's director, Eduardo Roy Jr., is also the genius behind the hilarious 2016 film Pamilya Ordinaryo

6. Iska 

Set in the campus of UP Diliman, this film tells a story of pure love through the eyes of a grandmother as she struggles to raise her grandson who has autism. 

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7. John Denver Trending 

Largely based on true stories, John Denver Trending features a high school student whose life goes cray when one of his classmates accuses him of stealing an iPad. Unable to keep his cool, John Denver snaps and gets into a fight with his classmate. There's more: Someone records the incident and posts it on social media!

8. Malamaya (The Color Of Ash) 

Malamaya tells the story of Nora S. (Sunshine Cruz), a pessimistic middle-aged visual artist whose life changes when she meets an aspiring millennial photographer named Migs (Enzo Pineda). 

Through an Instagram post in July 2019, Sunshine asked audiences to look beyond her love scenes with Enzo. "Our film is more than that... I accepted the movie because it is beautiful, it is different and challenging." 

9. Pandanggo Sa Hukay 

Despite the poverty and violence surrounding her, Elena (Iza Calzado), a young midwife and a single mother, keeps a positive outlook in life. The film follows her story as she seeks to work abroad for the sake of her family and prepares for her upcoming job interview.

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10. Tabon 

This psychological thriller film marks Xian Lim's directorial debut! According to the Cinemalaya websiteTabon is about a man whose belief in reality is tested when suspects are accused of a crime they believe they have not committed.

Catch these indie movies at this year's Cinemalaya film festival from August 2 to 11, 2019! 

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