11 Of Claudia Barretto And Dua Lipa's Twinning Moments

They could be sisters!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Doricel Rosas via Instagram/claudia, (RIGHT) Instagram/dualipa

Blunt hair, bold eyebrows, and luscious lips—these are all features Claudia Barretto and Dua Lipa both possess. It's no wonder that you could mistake them as sisters! We noticed that the two have cute twinning moments, too. See them all below:

When they both wore sharply tailored suits.

And then this photo set makes us want to buy black hoodies for ourselves.

Both are obvs obsessed with cropped tees.

Claudia and Dua also both got into the cold shoulder trend.

Here's when they both wore silky copper tops.

The bold shoulder silhouette looks great on both of them!

Look at that razor-sharp winged liner on Claudia and Dua!

Their disheveled, wet hair look is edgy AF.

Both are into experimenting with colored eye makeup. Don't you love the shades of purple on their lids?

We are ~*living*~ for their smoldering burgundy eye makeup!

They can really pass as sisters even when they're not wearing much makeup!

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