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Everybody Is Freaking Out Because Claudine Barretto Posted Another Love Letter From Rico Yan

She posted three love letters from Rico on her Instagram page. And there could be more!

Claudine Barretto is at it again! The actress posted another love letter, dated July 18, 1999, from her late boyfriend Rico Yan on Instagram. She tagged the actor's sister, Tina Marie Yan, saying, "@tinamarieyan only to make RY's fans happy fr @tinamarieyan & i."

The note read:

Dear Pumpkin,

Hi there! I went ahead na. I wanted to wake you up to say goodbye to you personally, but I guess the wine was a bit too strong for you. So instead, I wrote you this note. 


Thank you for the wonderful dinner! I had such a great time. And you were right (again!)—the movie was nice. I sincerely hope we could do this more often. 

Enjoy your sleep—I know you're tired and you need to rest. So just call me when you wake up. Okay? And I'll see you tonight.

Again, thank you for last night, my bombshell girlfriend. 

I enjoyed every minute of it!!!



Cute 'di ba?

This isn't the first note Clau posted on social media. On December 28, the actress took a photo of a note Rico wrote before he left for CDO. Apparently, Rico calls her "hunny" too. Claudine then posted another letter—this time the actor called her "baby."

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You'll notice that the note was cut short, so there could be a page 2 (or a page 3? or a page 4?) which she didn't post.

The former lovers seem to have written A LOT of letters to each other, so Claudine could post some more on her Instagram page.

Bet you're totally following her now.