LOOK: Claudine Barretto Shares A Photo Of Her Fourth Child, Noah Joaquin

'I am now complete as a mother.'
PHOTO: Instagram/claubarretto

Claudine Barretto just introduced her fourth child on Instagram.

The post featured Claudine cradling a baby in her hands, whom she introduced as Noah Joaquin.

"Meet my Noah Joaquin, my palanggas," Claudine said in her upload. "Truly God's gift. I am now complete as a mother. I'm so blessed beyond words!"

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Noah Joaquin might very well be the same child Claudine was referring to in a photo she uploaded in May. The photo featured Claudine gently holding an infant's hand.

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"I will love you, forever," she said in her post.

Claudine has a biological child with her ex-husband, Raymart Santiago, Santino. Aside from Noah Joaquin, she also has two other adopted children, Sabina and Quia.

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In April 2019, Claudine rekindled her close relationship with her sister, Gretchen BarrettoIn August, she slammed a netizen who left a comment telling her to fix her life and accusing her of being the reason she and her siblings, as well as her parents,  are in conflict.

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