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Claudine Barretto To Raymart Santiago: 'Real dads support their children without the law telling them they have to'

She's asking him to 'fight fair.'
Claudine Barretto On Raymart Santiago And Child Support

Claudine Barretto recently shared an Instagram post directed to her ex-husband Raymart Santiago. She is asking him to "fight fair" when it comes to support for their children Sabina and Santino.

"This is for you Raymart Santiago fight fair for once in your life!!!" Claudine wrote, and it was accompanied by a photo that reads: "Real Dads Support Their Children Without The Law Telling Them They Have To."  

claudine barretto
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Prior to this, Claudine shared her children's grades and academic achievements on Instagram, saying how proud she was of them. Meanwhile, Raymond's IG account shows him celebrating Santino's birthday in July 2020 and traveling around Tokyo, Japan with both Sabina and Santino in December 2019. 

Claudine Barretto's 2020 case against Raymart Santiago

Claudine and Raymart got married in 2004 and separated in 2013In November 2020, PEP reported that Claudine filed a case against Raymart for allegedly not providing child support for their children. In December 2020, Claudine told PEP: "Gusto ko lang iklaro, kasi, he stopped giving support for two years." She said that the court ruled Raymart had to give P100,000 per month for their children and that he had failed to comply with the arrangement. The amount he failed to give reached P2.6 million, according to Claudine. 


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