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Claudine Barretto Shows Her Support For Bea Alonzo By Sending Her Flowers

Bea has been receiving a lot of support from her friends and colleagues.

It’s been a week since Bea Alonzo posted her cryptic Instagram post. The post alludes to the cheating scandal that involves Bea’s boyfriend, Gerald Anderson and his Between Maybes co-star, Julia Barretto.

Since the issue blew up, Bea has been receiving an outpour of support from the local showbiz community. One of the latest personalities who is supporting Bea is none other than Julia’s aunt, Claudine Barretto. The actress posted a reply on Bea’s post and said, “You are loved.”

Claudine later sent a beautiful floral arrangement to Bea, with a handwritten note that read, “Love and more love.” Bea posted the photo on Instagram Stories and replied, “Thank you, Ate.”

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It’s not only Claudine who’s pro-Bea. Even Gretchen Barretto sent Bea flowers that came with a handwritten note that read, “Sending you LOVE.”

Bea’s friend, Paulo Avelino took to Twitter on July 26 to ask, “Na-Bea Alonzo ka na ba, bes?

Derek Ramsay, Bea's co-star in the 2018 movie Kasal, posted a photo on Instagram and wrote in the caption, "One of the strongest, smartest, and talented women I know. You are amazing @beaalonzo Keep smiling!!!!!!"

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Even Angel Locsin aired her support for the actress. The General’s Daughter star took it to Instagram Stories where she posted a quote that read, “You’ll never see women arguing or fighting over a GOOD MAN. A good man won’t put you in the position of not knowing where you stand.”

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