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Cosmo Online Hunk Arnold Van Opstal: Hard Court Hot Stuff's first featured hunk for 2012 goes all out in his fourth, final, and steamiest photo gallery and interview.

Arnold van Opstal has been the hot topic of a lot of Cosmo chicks since his debut as Cosmo Online Hunk on the first week of January. This is particularly true of college Cosmo chicks in De La Salle University where he's a freshman: Our DLSU sources tell us his features are the most talked about on campus. After three hot photo galleries and interviews, this headturning college basketball heartthrob has an even bigger fan base among Cosmo chicks, La Sallian or not. But, wait 'til you see what we have in store for you on his final week, where we uncover Arnold for you--well, almost.

After talking to Arnold about dating and romance, it's time we tapped into his sexy side. Yes, this daring interview is worth giving a once over before you click and completely lose yourself in his steamy final set of photos.

What's the cheesiest thing you’ve done for a girl?

Probably when I was 13, when I thought I knew what love was--even though it was the kiddy love thing--I carved, next to the girl’s house there’s a tree, and I carved her name and mine. That was pretty corny and cheesy (laughs).

What were you most thankful for in 2011?

I'm most thankful for the friends that I made from the basketball team. Some of them are really close friends, like David, Martin (Reyes), and Joseph (Marata). Yeah, I met a lot of people and I appreciate them. That’s what I’m most grateful for, meeting the people this year.

What’s your love resolution for 2012?

To become more mature and, you know, have fun with people or whoever I meet.

What makes you a great boyfriend?

I guess I’m faithful. And I’m not too clingy or lovey-dovey but I still do my part, and I try to take her out on, you know, dates, buy her food, try to do sweet things.

What’s the most daring thing you and a girl have done in public?

The most daring thing is PDA. Just for fun--I guess making out just anywhere basically. I remember going overseas with a girl, and since we didn’t know anyone, we just PDA-ed everywhere, just for fun, 'cause she doesn’t like PDA, and I would just flirt and laugh over it.

Did people stare at you?

Not really, no, not really. I tried to make it as awkward as possible to make it fun. But that didn’t work very well. Like on the train, we’re just in the middle of it, just making out.

What's your idea of a sexy getaway?

Probably go somewhere like Amsterdam, or go crazy and wild, like in Ibiza. Somewhere in Europe, go wild there.

What do you think is the sexiest thing about you?

My personality hopefully, if you get to know me. Since I am very tall, I guess people find me intimidating, and then they find out that I’m not actually that intimidating, that aggressive or cocky. They find out that I’m actually not that bad; I’m goofy and silly.

What sets you apart from other guys?

My height (laughs).

What else?

Well, for a typical guy, I guess I’m a little more crazy than other guys. Like when I do things, I do things. I go all out.

What would you like Cosmo girls to remember most about you?

That I’m a nice guy and you could just approach me. And I’m not as intimidating as most people think I am.

Watch for our February hunk--find out who he is on Wednesday, February 1!

Shot on location at Discovery Suites, located at 25 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Contact 719-6931, 719-8888, 914-9888, or for bookings and reservations.

Additional reporting and sittings editor: Trixie Reyna
Sittings editor: Jico Joson

 Makeup: Christine Rojas Lavina using Becca
Stylist: Camille Santiago
Intern: Darylle Mon-Alon

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