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Cosmo Online Hunk Mike Advincula: Swoon-Worthy Swimmer

The former De La Salle University swimming varsity team captain spills his thoughts on college, college women, and campus romance.

We know you, college and alumni Cosmo chicks, are excited for UAAP Season 74, which will officially open on Saturday, July 9, at Marikina Sports Complex. To fan the flames of your school spirit, we're bringing you four of the hottest varsity players from different universities as your Cosmo Online Hunks this month.

Our first hunk is probably familiar to you (he's been featured in's Guyspotting section several times!): Mike Advincula, a De La Salle University swimmer. This 22-year-old's good-boy charm and smokin' bod make him stand out in a crowd. Besides having eyes we can drown in and sexy swimmer shoulders, he impresses us with his degree in Industrial Management Engineering, his pursuit of a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship, the leadership skills of a former swim team captain, and if that's not enough--the talent of a potential VJ. (Mike is a finalist in this year's MYX VJ Search!)

When he first arrived at the Cosmo HQ for the shoot, we were shocked to find a six-foot-one stud who could pass for a basketball player. But, we soon found ourselves chatting with a witty, humble sweetheart. He revealed why swimmers are among the sexiest athletes, what boys really talk about in the locker room, his college bucket list, and even how he'd take you on a romantic date within campus.

Right after you read Mike's interview, see him in the pool (in his trunks!) as you click through his wet, steamy gallery. Remember, the more clicks, the more votes--and he just might be our next solo hunk this year!

How did you get into swimming?

Well, I was into basketball before. (Ed's note: Our first impression was correct!) Then, na-injure 'yung knee ko. So my doctor said I should take up swimming as a form of rehabilitation. From there--that was a year before college--I went into swimming. Then upon entering college in La Salle, I started swimming in the pool there and the lifeguard saw me swimming. He told me to try out for the varsity team, which I did. Since then, I've been part of the team.

What's the sexiest thing about being a swimmer?


The sexiest thing about a swimmer is we're never shy to walk around half-naked.

What part of your physique do you work on the most? What part would you like to improve?

Luckily for us swimmers, 'yung shoulders namin medyo broad na, so that's one thing we always work on. Pero one thing I would like to work on would be, siguro 'yung abs (laughs), kailangan 'yon e.

Have you ever fantasized about having sex in the pool?

Well, I guess everyone has fantasized about that and I'm just not going to describe my fantasy na lang (laughs)

If you were to swim with a female celebrity, who would it be and why?

Ang daming pwede e. Who will I swim with? I'd say Heart Evangelista. I find her really pretty (laughs). 

What do boys really talk about in the locker room? What's the weirdest conversation you've heard in there?

Well, boys in the locker room...we usually talk about normal stuff. Nothing green naman, just normal stuff in the locker room: We talk about training, we talk about school. For me, the weirdest conversation would be, sometimes, guys wonder what it feels like to swim in women's swimsuit. I guess that would be the weirdest thing.

What are your other hobbies?

Well, I'm into other sports, as I said earlier, basketball. I'm into reading as well. I read a lot.

What are the top three things on your college bucket list?

One, I'd like to graduate with honors. Given na 'yon e, everyone wants to graduate with honors. Second, I want to play a prank on a prof who failed me one time. 'Yung prank, sa akin na 'yon, kung ano'ng gagawin ko (laughs). Third would be, I'd like to enter a class na hindi kasama sa flow chart ko. Kasi Engineering ako, so lahat ng class ko puro Engineering subjects, kaya sana, with a different college. Siguro Liberal Arts, maraming girls dun e (laughs)! Sa Engineering kasi, puro boys kami.

Can you tell us about your wildest college experience so far?

Well, my whole college life has been pretty wild talaga. As in, the late nights, you know, going out. Sometimes after a party, we still have to think about training the next day. So it's pretty wild.

What was the best thing you ever cut class for?

Well, I think the best thing that happened when I cut class was when we went out of town.

Describe college life in three words.

First, different, because for me college has been really different compared to high school, and of course, grade school. New environment, different friends, everything is different. Second would be fun. I've had a lot of fun during my college years, until now. I'm still enjoying college. And third would be hard. Since everything is different, and you have too much fun at the same time, siyempre you still have to remember to study. That's where the hard part comes in. So different, fun, and hard. 

How do you deal with the attention you get from college chicks?

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I'm not quite sure, but I just go with the flow and don't mind it that much.

What have your college romances been like?

Ah, well, when it comes to college romance, there would be the arguments because of my schedule. We have to train in the morning, and when I'm with, for example, my girlfriend, inaantok ako. At siyempre, magtatampo siya bakit ako inaantok. But aside from that, college romance has been great and wild as well.

When you were single, where did you go to meet girls in school?

Well, school pa lang madami ng girls e. So in campus I'd say the best place to meet girls would be sa canteen or along--sa La Salle we have this SJ Walk. (Girls, take note!)

What pick-up line will you use to get to know them?

Wala pa naman akong ginamit na cheesy pick-up line or anything. I usually introduce myself, and from there, I get to know her.

If you had a crush on your seatmate, how would you make your move?

Siyempre magpapa-cute ako 'di ba? 'Yung pa-cute na siguro quiet type muna. And if there's a chance to talk to her, I'd go from there.

Which would you prefer to date: an A student, a party girl, or an athlete like you? Why?

I have a girlfriend now, and she's an athlete as well. For me, I'd rather date an athlete. Why? Since I'm an athlete, 'yung schedule namin pareho, sakto training namin in the morning. Inaantok din siya after training. After sleeping kunwari, 'yon, parehas kaming may energy, so no arguments whatsoever.

What are the top three qualities a girl must have for you to date her?

Una, athletic talaga, I'm really into the athletic type of girl. Then, of course, hindi lang 'yon, brains as well. Kailangan masipag mag-aral. And last would be loving siyempre. Every guy wants a girl like that.

Would you go for a girl who dresses simply with classics or a girl who dresses up trendy?

I'd go for the girl who sticks to the classics kasi I'm a guy who wears normal clothes. 'Pag masyadong nag-a-attract ng attention 'yung clothes ng girl ko, medyo nakaka-disturb din. Baka magmukha akong yaya niya (laughs)!

What makeup look do you prefer on girls?

No makeup, definitely no makeup.

If you had to take a girl on a date within campus, how would you do it? Where would you go?

Well, within campus siguro, hmm. Kung romantic, siguro gagawin ko, may SJ Walk, 'di ba? I'd have my friends, siguro nakapila sila tapos kunwari magkatabi kami or walking lang, then suddenly [magtatapon] sila ng rose petals, confetti. Tapos ihahatid ko lang siya sa canteen (laughs). Libre ko na lang siya ng chocolates (laughs). Romantic pa rin, romantic pa rin.

How are you like when you feel kilig?

(Laughs) Nagba-blush din ako 'pag kinikilig, medyo nahihiya, medyo natotorpe. 'Yung usual na ganun.

What are the things that would make you feel kilig?

Ah, what would make me kilig... Sa totoo lang, there was this time na kinilig ako kasi binigyan ako ng flowers. So I guess yeah, flowers (laughs).

What's the craziest thing you've done for a girl?


Well, aside from not sleeping... there was this time na I had to walk five kilometers to get to her place, kasi sakto that was the time na wala akong kotse, tapos naka-strike pa 'yung jeeps sa amin, so I had to walk to her place. Yeah, but that's pretty crazy na.

How far would you swim for a girl?

I'm not quite sure, but if given the opportunity, as far as I can. Hanggang mapagod, tapos 'pag pagod na swim pa rin.

Stay tuned for next week's interview and gallery of ripped track and field hottie Franco Imperial!

Shot on location at Residencia de Regina, Xavierville, Quezon City

Stylist: Camille Santiago

Makeup: Karen Santos
Sittings editor and additional reporting: Trixie Reyna and Dawn Niekamp
Celebrity coordinator: Allan Altera
Intern: Marianne Salazar

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