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Cosmo Poll: Who Is The Hottest Cosmo Centerfold?

Feast your eyes on Cosmo's 15 Hottest Hunks Ever, and vote for the celeb stud you think outsizzles everyone else!

It's no secret that the men who first appeared in Cosmo now enjoy nationwide fandom as objects of ladies' lust. And why not? We've made it our mission to pick out only the most gorgeous beings on Philippine soil for your viewing pleasure--from Cosmo Bachelors to celeb stunners to party-hearty headturners.

As we bask in the celebratory glow of turning fabulously 15, we make sure that our anniversary issue features no less than the 15 hottest Cosmo Centerfolds of all time. We've rounded up the 15 sexiest celebs to grace our pages ever, each one of them dripping with a naked magnetism that continues to draw us in years after they made their Greek god-like debut.

We know you Cosmo chicks have your own idea of what the perfect hunk looks like, that's why we're letting you answer our question: Who among these jawdroppingly handsome studs is the hottest Cosmo Centerfold for you?

View the gallery now to see Cosmo's 15 Hottest Hunks Ever and cast your vote for your favorite! You can vote as many times as you want; just refresh the page and click away. Tell us in the comments section why you picked that super fine male among our super sexy roster!

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