Cristalle Belo And Justin Pitt’s Wedding Film Is Beyond Perfection

It's like watching a classic romantic movie!
PHOTO: Vimeo/Bob Nicolas

"Perfect" is an understatement if you are using it to describe the breathtaking wedding film of Cristalle Belo and Justin Pitt.

Shot by wedding videographer/cinematic genius Bob Nicholas, the love story of Cristalle and Justin’s September Lake Como nuptials is told as a timeless story full of grandeur, passion, and elegance.

The film opens with a dramatic shot of the couple in each other’s arms with a voice over of the groom’s loving speech about his new bride:

"I see in my beautiful bride the star that she is. She dazzles me when she steps on stage or when she steps in front of a camera and then this beautiful persona comes out and… my mouth just drops. She is my source of joy. She is my source of happiness. And I'm just so lucky I get to fall in love with her again and again everyday."

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