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Dani On How Social Media Comments Like 'Hindi Ka Mukhang Barretto' Affected Her Self-Esteem

And how the internet can easily shut down someone's confidence.
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Dani Barretto recently guested on Dr. Vicki Belo's vlog, where she opened up about her insecurities and how people commenting that she doesn't look like her siblings affected her. She also shared that she got surgery to get her chin fixed. 

Dani, Marjorie Barretto's eldest child, has four siblings: Julia, Claudia, Leon, and Erich. When Dr. Vicki asked if having her "double chin" and "being in a family who almost looks perfect" affected her self-esteem, Dani said: "Before, it really didn't affect me so much. But I think it was the people that made me insecure of it. Yung the one thing that didn't really bother me so much before, since everybody kept picking on it, I started noticing it more, and then I became insecure." 


Dani Barretto on being told she doesn't look like her siblings

Dani says that nowadays, social media can easily shut down someone's confidence, adding: "'Di ba they always say na 'pag magaganda yung kapatid mo then you would tend to compare yourself to them. That never happened to me because my siblings always showed me a different kind of respect, that I should never ever feel that way. So that was never an issue."

"And then people would always say, 'Bakit ganoon yung mga kapatid mo, ang ganda, ikaw hindi?' Or like, 'Barretto ka ba talaga? Hindi ka mukhang Barretto.' I always see that [on social media] and I was like, 'Ano nga bang itsura ko compared to them?' So parang bigla na ako napaisip, 'Bakit ang dami? So ibig sabihin ang daming nakaka-notice nito. So that's when I started to get bothered na about it," an honest Dani told Dr. Vicki. 

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Dani says it came to a point where she didn't want to take photos of herself anymore and that she had a phase when she wanted to stop vlogging because of people's uncalled-for comments. Things have turned around though and she adds that she now feels more confident about herself!

You can watch their full interview below: 


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