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DANIEL MATSUNAGA: Cosmo's Man On Fire For May 2010

The hot Brapanese we can't get enough of talks about LDRs and fans who get too close in this online exclusive. PLUS: Take a peek inside his steamy shoot.
daniel_117.jpgDaniel Matsunaga, Cosmo’s Man on Fire for May, is on a roll! Back when he was just another Brazilian face trying to make it big in the Philippines, we’ve already had the hots for the babelicious Brapanese model, even putting him on the list of our hallowed celebrity Centerfolds. Now that he’s got body-baring billboards, TVCs, and even a successful stint on GMA-7’s The Last Prince to his name, we’re super glad this handsome honey is getting all the nationwide attention he deserves. He can now even add ‘actor’ to his CV after starring in Adolfo Alix, Jr.’s latest indie offering D’Survivors. You can bet that Daniel will continue to steal the show, not to mention women's hearts!

All you Daniel die-hards out there can get to know the 21-year-old headturner even better as he reveals what’s hidden behind the perfect features and the million-dollar smile in Cosmo’s May 2010 ish. Hate to break it to you girls, but among the factoids Daniel shares is that he’s off the market—and the girl’s a Brazilian model, just like him. But then again, who cares, when you can ogle him all you want in our exclusive behind-the-scenes gallery!

Read on to find out what divine Daniel thinks of our country, how he gets on with his lady love, what drives him to succeed in his career, and how his fans show their, erm, ‘appreciation’! Don’t forget to click through our gallery of behind-the-scenes photos from Daniel's Man on Fire shoot to ‘appreciate’ him even more!

How was it working on The Last Prince, your Philippine TV debut?

It was a very good experience. Everything for me was new. From the first day up to the end, everything was new for me acting-wise—I had crying scenes, I had to become a werewolf, I had a love triangle with Kris [Bernal] and Aljur [Abrenica]. It was very nice. It was not only a job, but I also had opportunities to travel around and meet new people.

How’s your Tagalog?

Now it’s a bit better, but still not so good. Every time I have free time, I try to do my best to study. Right now, I can understand a lot of words, a lot of sentences, but not everything. Showbiz helped me a lot.

What places in the Philippines have you visited that you really like?

I love Davao. We had a lot of fun, we went to the Marco Polo Hotel. We went all around the city and we went wakeboarding. Also Boracay. I haven’t had a lot of opportunities yet to travel around the Philippines, but Tagaytay was nice. Also CamSur.

Is it true that you want to be a Filipino citizen?

I really love the country. I really love the food, I really love the people. For me, if everything works really well as I planned, I can decide to stay here and maybe get a Philippine citizenship.

Won’t you miss your family back in Brazil if you stay here?

I do miss my family a lot. It's already been a year and a half since I’ve seen them. I hope I can bring all of them here. Instead of me going back to Brazil every year, I can bring them here to live with me.

Tell us about your girlfriend, Francine.

We’ve been together almost one and a half years. She went back to Brazil a few months ago. She’s going to be with her family for a few months. Then she might come back here. But we always talk.

How are you dealing with your long-distance relationship (LDR)?

It is very hard. Distance is really hard. With distance, you always fight, and the small things become big things. But with talking, you can resolve things.

Do either of you get jealous when one has to take a job with a model of the opposite sex?

These things happen, but we always try our best. We can decide which jobs we want to do and which ones we do not. We try our best not to get some jobs which would make the other jealous. But normally we are understanding of each other.

What can you say to women who easily get jealous?

It depends on the person, but normally, the guys, they are makulit. I would suggest [for women] not to become too jealous because jealousy only makes everything worse. You just fight more when you get jealous.

You’ve gone to so many places and achieved so many things at 21. How have you gotten to this point?

I’ve had this opportunity to travel since I was 16. It’s not an opportunity that everyone can have, to travel, to meet people, to go to different places, to know the different cultures and different languages. When I started, I didn’t even speak English. I had to learn English, Spanish. Everywhere I go, I tried to learn something. Not just to party, but I had to focus on my job. I always tried to learn as much as I can about the culture of another country.

What drives you to push yourself further?

Right now, I really enjoy what I do. I know that I need to do everything now to secure my future. Even if I don’t have enough rest, [it's okay]. I do my work happy, and I do it for the future.

How do your fans react when they see you?

They always want to take pictures and kiss. It’s okay! If it’s not on the lips, it’s fine!

Have any of your fans tried to grab your butt?

(Laughs) They do that!

Male or female fans?

Both! Even the men here.447
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