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Dawn Chang Gets Brutally Honest On Why She Left GirlTrends: 'We are not on the same page'

For Dawn, it’s about growing individually as a performer.

Former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Dawn Chang revealed in her vlog on August 25 that she’s no longer part of GirlTrends, or GT, the all-girl group that often makes an appearance on noontime show It’s Showtime.

Answering a fan question in a special episode on her vlog called “Brutally Honest,” Dawn was asked, “[Hindi] ka na ba part ng GT?”

To which Dawn said, “No, I am no longer part of GT.” Dawn shared that she has been dancing for 17 years and said, “being a performer is a huge responsibility.”

Dawn continued, “I am supposed to share my talent and entertain. I am supposed to give an enjoyable and memorable experience to the audience, and I feel that I am not able to fulfill those duties and responsibilities as a performer when I am with GT.”

The former GirlTrends member then talked about mastering the art of being a performer. She said, “You need consistent training, you need consistent practice, you need a very strong foundation and a very, very strong discipline para mag-succeed or para gumaling ka.

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Dawn added, “In all fairness, we have to give credit to these girls because they are trying their best. But I felt that we are not on the same page.” She also said, “I’m not getting any younger, I’m 30 years old, and I think it’s about time for me to relieve myself from the group and start doing things on my own.”

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“I’m very excited because I am teachable, I am trainable, and I am ‘tweakable’ because you know, every time someone is correcting me or somebody is criticizing me constructively, I love it because I know that’s for me. They want me to be better and I want to be better than yesterday,” Dawn revealed.

In the end, it’s all about growth. Dawn shared, “For me, it’s not about fame, it’s not about fortune, it’s about principle. If one day I become a very, very good performer, fame and fortune will come next. But for now, I want growth.”

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GirlTrends, which is now composed of Chie Filomeno, Sammie Rimando, Mica Javier, Krissha Viaje, Mikee Agustin, and Joanna Hipolito were recently subject to several memes and tweets where clips of their performances have cropped up which were not exactly in sync.

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