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Derek *Planned* To Stay Single For Two Years After His Breakup With Andrea

He clarified that they have no animosity towards each other.
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In today's celebrity relationship news, Derek Ramsay just opened up about his 2020 breakup with Andrea Torres in an "in-depth" interview with his friend Pops Fernandez. Pops went right to the point and asked, "Do you think you guys have closure already? Para doon sa mga medyo na-confuse." 

derek ramsay interview

"Pati ako na-confuse," Derek shared. "But we have no hate towards one another. I don't think so. I don't think she hates me, I definitely don't hate her and her family. We were together for over a year and it was very sudden...the breakup came out of nowhere, kind of blindsided me. Closure...I think that will come with time." 

Derek Ramsay on what caused their breakup 

"It was both of us," Derek said, "we ran across a little problem that became something much bigger. I guess we both realized na it was something both of us couldn't make certain adjustments to. We decided, instead of forcing it, let's just go [our] separate ways."

Derek clarified that they have no animosity towards each other and that he's very happy for Andrea. "You can see that she's happy, and I'm very happy. People think that I'm insensitive but I have a supportive family, good friends, who lift me back up. So that's whatwe have to move on." 

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derek ramsay and pops fernandez

Derek Ramsay on his new relationship

Derek confirmed his relationship with Ellen Adarna in late February and they celebrated their first monthsary on March 4After the breakup with Andrea, Derek shared that he had planned to stay single for two years to think about his goals and to spend time with himselfand then he met Ellen! "And then...unexpected, blindsided, out of nowhere. She makes me feel happy about who I am."


He also told Pops: "I'm super in love. Yeah, I am. Everything just clicks. This is the first relationship na instead of best foot forward, worst foot forward. Kapag nalagpasan mo 'yon e 'di smooth-sailing na. Parang our personalities just clicked. Wala nang kaartehan." 

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