Designer Veejay Floresca Wins Over Valkyrie's "No Cross-Dressing Policy"

"To all my LGBT friends, I am happy to announce that we are all welcome to enter the club."

Designer Veejay Floresca triumphantly posted this on Facebook after she and some members of the LGBT community met with Valkyrie Superclub's management on June 29. 


On Sunday, June 28, Veejay posted on Facebook saying that a bouncer denied her entry at Valkyrie because she was "cross-dressing." When Veejay presented her California I.D. with her name and gender marker, the man at the door said, "Lalaki pa rin 'yan."

Divine Lee, who has popularly called herself a "Becky Mother," scheduled a meeting between members of the LGBT community and the club just to help clear the air. Now, anyone is free to enter ValkyrieLGBT or not. #EverybodyWins


Divine Lee Intervenes; Says She's Optimistic About Dialogue Between Valkyrie And Trans Community

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