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Did Andi Eigenmann And Jake Ejercito Have A Twitter War On Father's Day?

Jake: 'Before you proclaim yourself to be a double parent, be sure you've done enough as a single parent.'
PHOTO: (ANDI) Instagram/andieigengirl, (JAKE) Instagram/unoemilio

Much is complicated in the lives of ex-lovers Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito. They have officially broken up, but Jake has become a father figure to Andi's 4-year-old daughter, Ellie Eigenmann. 

After this past Father’s Day, however, things seem to have taken a rocky turn. On Sunday, Andi tweeted a shout out to all single parents like her:

Jake then tweeted a not-so-subtle burn in what seems to be a response to Andi’s tweet:


Andi then went on to post a series of tweets about people growing and changing – sometimes not for the better:

She ended with this two-liner tweet that about seals this whole dramatic episode:

No one messes with Andi Eignemann. #burn

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