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Dimples Romana Opens Up About Being A Working Student: 'I was the breadwinner at the age of 12'


Dimples Romana recently took to Instagram to share photos of herself in high school and shared that it was her choice to pursue her education while working. 

"That's my high school graduation, I was 16, nag-aartista na ako, I was the breadwinner at the age of 12 but it was still my choice to pursue my education while working," she began.

"Proudly laking public school ako. I read once that we have to be careful what we say to our children, it'll become their inner voice one day and our words will shape their destiny," she added. "The way I speak to myself now, all the virtues I uphold and the principles I don't ever want [to be] compromised come from words that were spoken to me or a conversation I heard from when I was a child."


Dimples is sharing her story of reaching for her dreams and pursuing her passion because she's been invited to speak at an online gathering for the young people of Taguig. She wrote, "I speak from experience and my heart knows my journey was not perfect. In fact, it is a continuous path that is relatively slow, flawed, and unconventional."

The actress said that while her path was always slow and steady, it is anchored in faith and without fear. "Even if it's flawed, it kept my feet planted deeply on the ground for I know that without the humility of my heart, and the acknowledgment of flaws and weaknesses, I am not able to say, it's time to learn and unlearn." 

Ending her post, Dimples said that there is no growth when you can't accept failure. "Lastly, though unconventional, it is and will always be what’s true to me, to who I am, who I would like to become, and where I would like to go."

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