Divine Lee Intervenes; Says She's Optimistic About Dialogue Between Valkyrie And Trans Community

Divine Lee has scheduled a meeting between the Valkyrie Superclub management and the Pinay trans community.

On Sunday, June 28designer and transgender woman Veejay Floresca posted on Facebook saying that a bouncer denied her entry at Valkyrie because she was "cross-dressing." When Veejay presented her California I.D. with her name and gender marker, the man at the door said, "Lalaki pa rin 'yan."

Here's what Veejay posted on social media after the incident. 


On June 22, Divine Lee, who has popularly called herself a "Becky Mother," posted on her Facebook page that she has scheduled a meeting for both parties—the trans community and Valkyrie Superclub. Divine says she's friends with everyone involved, and she personally volunteered to help them out. "I offered to be the bridge to Geena [Rocero]," she says. Geena is an international Pinay model, Cosmo Fun Fearless Female for 2015, and founder of Gender Proud, which is a global advocacy and awareness campaign for gender rights. Here's what Divine posted: 


Divine exclusively told Cosmo.ph that she already scheduled a meeting with Valkyrie before Veejay's incident happened, because her other "trans sister"—Trixie Maristela—was denied entry as well for not dressing appropriately. But the meeting was rescheduled, since a lot of the co-owners weren't available on the original date. 

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The model-entrepreneur revealed that the "dialogue" between the trans community and Valkyrie owners will finally push through on June 29"It's an open discussion, [and] it can go anywhere," explains Divine. "But [the] main points are 1. Policies of establishments; 2. Education of staff; 3. Improvements; and 4. Apologies and explanation [on] both sides. I want my trans sisters to be part of the policy-forming group for Valkyrie. That way we can come to an amicable resolution." Divine confirmed that Neil Arce, who's part-owner of Valkyrie, already called up Veejay to apologize. 

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She adds, "Everyone naman has a point. We just need to get it across. My trans sisters are all full of love naman. And Valk people are willing also. We need lang talaga to talk." Divine says that hopefully, the meeting will pave the way for a more accepting and open-minded policy that other clubs and similar establishments can adopt. "We all want change, but I also need to understand it's their business. Madaming partners, so even if Neil and Tim [Yap, also part-owner], [are spearheading the discussion and policy amendment], they need the board's approval." 

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In response to angry online posts of trans members opting to "boycott" Valkyrie Superclub, Divine explained that her trans sisters are "high on emotions," but stressed, "I have a positive outlook naman. I'm sure kasi we can resolve. So no need to boycott." 

The Becky Mother herself sends out a message to all those affected by this issue:

"I think the message should be 'change is here.' And we are all working on it—allies and sisters. The discussion is the first step and it's surely happening. We all want to resolve this amicably. I hope that people are not too quick to judge trans sisters who are high on emotions now. And also, Valkyrie is doing something din naman. Let's see how we can fix policies and make sure they're executed well."

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