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Divine Lee's Top 10 Vacation Destinations

The fun, fabulous businesswoman and style maven talks about jet-setting around the world and the places she dreams of seeing.

You know Divine Lee for many things: She's an executive (Vice President for Sales and Marketing of real estate empire Globe Asiatique), a businesswoman (she started the clothing line Luca), a philanthropist, a model, and a society darling. She lives the kind of life that many ladies can only dream of, and she's been to places that most people only get to see in pictures and on the TV.

Summer's here—the season of vacations and adventure—and Divine tells Cosmo all about her favorite places in the world (mind you, she's been to a lot!), as well as a few of the places she hopes to see someday.

  1. Paris, France
    "Undeniably one of the most beautiful cities! I love walking on the cobblestone streets and relaxing in small cafes. We would even have picnics in front of the Eiffel Tower. But what I love most is how well-lit the city is at night—very romantic!"

  2. Mykonos, Greece
    "I go to Mykonos every other year as a side trip from my business visit to Athens. Out of all the islands I have visited in Greece, I like Mykonos the best! [It] offers the best of both worlds—if you are into partying, the club scene is amazing, [but] if you want a more relaxed trip, [there are] a lot of small cafes and quiet bars. And there are a lot of beaches around the island to choose from."

  3. Cape Town, South Africa
    "[I] went there last January and it's amazing! It's like a place where you can actually see mountains, beaches, and the city all together!"

  4. Hong Kong
    "It's my quick fix! I love Chinese street food, and sale season is amazing. More than that, I love the city's energy!"

  5. Florence, Italy
    "Whenever I visit Florence, I always try to visit the border [of the Tuscan regions]. I love how it's close to the city yet it seems like worlds away! It feels like being on the set of The Sound of Music."

  6. London
    "I love London's energy!"

  7. Las Vegas
    "VARIETY! [There is] SO much to do! I love that you can hop from one place to another to watch the shows, try out different cuisines, go shopping, and many, many more!"

  8. India
    "A good friend of mine visited [India] and told me how amazing it is--the rich fabrics, beautiful accessories, and good resorts! I'm planning to visit this year."

  9. Machu Picchu, Peru
    "I want to see this! I've been doing my research about this place already, and [it] looks so beautiful. But I need a long break [to go there] since it's very far. I hope to be able to visit next year!"

  10. Egypt and Jordan
    "Who doesn't want to see the Pyramids and Petra? (Especially after seeing [Petra in] the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?)"
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